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Billed as the “World’s Best Free Casual Dating Site,” Fling is the platform for your next casual dating profile. Fling makes meeting new people and trying new things easier than ever. Our world is changing and people are becoming more open with themselves and their sexual needs, online hookup sites have become essential. They present us with a safe space to explore our sexuality and deepest desires. Fling makes doing all of those wonderful things an adventure. After you’ve signed up and you’ve landed on the homepage, you’ll notice a “ticker” of sorts, a rotating stream of profile pictures that beckons you to click. This feature more than any other is the most emblematic of Fling. It’s simple, sexy and keeps you engaged. From signing up to planning a date, Fling proves an exceptionally effective tool for hooking up.

What features does Fling offer?

Fling has a lot going for it. You can search for members using a variety of techniques. You can do a basic search to see who’s in your area. If you’re after a person with very specific attributes, you can use the advanced search to filter by things like hair color and body type. You can use the different search features to see who’s new to Fling, their mood statuses, and even who’s enabled SMS to make arranging a date even faster. There’s also a great video component to the site where you can search users who are currently live streaming via video. You can also join video chats and even watch live webcam performances by professional models. If you’re into exhibition and like showing of yourself, you can stream a live video to try and entice other users or just chat. It’s a great way to break down the wall between yourself and your computer screen. If that seems too intimidating, don’t worry, posting pictures on your profile is just as easy to do. You’ll love checking out the “Trending Now” section that features the hottest users, pictures, videos and more. It’s a great way to see the sexiest content on Fling and to help you understand what’s working for others. Fling has added games recently to help make viewing profiles and thus meeting people even more fun. There are two games right now, “Swipe Game” and “Who’s cute game.” Both games are pretty similar in that you get to rapidly swipe through profile pictures and decide which photos turn you on and are potential matches for you. After you’ve found cuties you can then take the next step and send them a message or better yet a hot pic. In addition to all of these amazing features, one that you’ll find yourself using again and again is the activity center. It’s a real time updated feed that sits on the right-hand side of your screen. It alerts you when you get a new message or someone new has logged in. It will also tell you when someone started a live stream or has joined a chat. The activity center is the perfect way to stay on top of it all and never miss a thing on Fling. There are features that go on behind the scenes as well. You’ll get automatic email notifications when you receive a message (or however you decide to set up your alert settings). Fling also offers some of the best customer care in the game. They go out of their way to make sure their members are happy.

Is it hard to sign up?

Signing up for Fling is incredibly simple. You’ll just need to answer a few basic questions about yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner. Then you get to pick a fun username. You’ll need to confirm your email and you’re in. It’s that easy. You won’t be asked to submit any payment information or anything like that upfront. It’s completely free and a great way for you to gain access to one of the most popular online hookup communities available. You can really get a lot out of that free membership, but as you start using Fling more and more you’ll realize that upgrading your membership is probably the right thing to do. You can get a taste but for a real slice of the pie, you’ll need to become a full member.

What are the membership options?

In total there are five membership options available to you. Two of the options are offered in the form of trials. The cheapest is $0.95 for a two-day trial. For under a dollar, you get full access to Fling for 48 hours. This will give you a pretty good chance to get a feel for Fling and all the benefits that come with a full membership. The second trial is for seven days. You’ll gain full access for a week for just $9.95. These are really great deals for commitment-phobes. You don’t have to put up a ton of money to really take Fling for a test-spin. You’ll love all the access to cams pics, messages and chats. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and make a commitment, you can go ahead and sign up for a month’s worth of Fling for $34.95, six month for $11.65/month, or a full year for just $6.67/month. As you can see, the longer you make a commitment for the cheaper your membership ends up being. We encourage you to at least try one of the trials to see just how great Fling is and how much fun it is meeting new people on its site.

Is it worth considering?

If I haven’t made it apparent, yes, you should definitely consider signing up for Fling. It’s free to sign up and there’s really no pressure to upgrade beyond that point. I think that just signing up and taking a look at all the amazing features will really sell it. The community of sexy users is vibrant. There are also lots of them which means there are more than enough profiles for you to view and dates to be arranged. If the nude photos for the site doesn’t tip you off, Fling is strictly for users looking to hook up. If that’s what you’re looking for, Fling is the hookup site for you. It’s also one of the most affordable dating sites and the trial options are really generous. Go on over to Fling.com and check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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